The Lion and the Mouse

One morn­ing, a lion, who was asleep i his den, was awak­ened by a play­ful mouse run­ning across his face.  In an instant, the giant cat had the lit­tle rodent pinned to the floor of the cave.  With­in his huge paw, the lion could feel the tiny crea­ture’s heart rac­ing inside its check.

Please don’t eat me!” cried the ter­ri­fied mouse. “If you spare me, I promise, some­how, some way, to repay your kind­ness!””

HA, HA, HA!” the lion’s great laugh echoed through the cave. “To think some­one your­size could some­how help. HA!”

Well,” the lion con­tin­ued, “you do have a sense of humor, I’ll grant you that.” The lion was might but he was­n’t cru­el, so he opened his paw and that mouse scam­pered away.

Thank you!” a lit­tle voice squeaked from the mouth of the cave, “and remem­ber, I’ll be around if you need me!”

The lion snort­ed a “Yeah, OJ. Any time time!”  under his breath, chucked, then rolled over and went back to sleep.

One day, not long after this, the lion hap­pened to find him­self trapped in a net set in the jun­gle by poach­ers.  He tore and fought against the ropes but even his pow­er­ful teeth and claws were no match for the net.  The more he fought, the more tight­ly the knot­ted cords held him in their grasp.  Final­ly, the strug­gle exhaust­ed the lion and with his heart pound­ing, he roared in angry frus­tra­tion.

Sud­den­ly, a famil­iar squak reached the help­less lion.  “I thought that was you!” he said.

Pinned beneath the net, the lion felt the feet of the lit­tle mouse scam­per across his face.

Now, I’d say this job calls for some­one just about my size!” The mouse winked at the lion and began to gnaw the rope with his sharp, lit­tle teeth.  With­in min­utes, the ropes were chewed right through and all the ani­mals of the jun­gle heard the mighty lion’s thank­ful roar.

But only a few were close enough to hear the rely of the tiny mouse: “Any time!”