• The Hungry Dragon

    A Storybook Proof-Of-Concept...
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  • Once there was a dragon who lived in a dark hole. neat huh?
  • One day he popped out of his hole and smelled something.
  • "Mmmmmmmmm! That smells good!" said the dragon.
  • So the dragon set off to find the source of the mysterious aroma...
  • He followed the smell through the woods and carefully crossed the deep forest ravine.
  • Until he found a little house with a pie cooling in the window sill.
  • The dragon has never seen anything like it. "Perhaps I should take a closer look" he thought.
  • He carefully sneaked over to the house. It smelled so good, he had to try it!
  • He snatched the pie and took a big dragon-sized bite!
  • It was crunchier than he had expected.   Especially the bottom part.
  • But it was sweet and fruity (even if it did have a metallic after-taste.) So he gobbled it up.
  • Suddenly he heard a cry from inside the house "Who took my pie?" cried a woman's voice.
  • The dragon ran away as fast as his feet could take him.
  • That night, all he could think about was the sweet, crunchy food he had eaten.
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