The Hungry Dragon

A Storybook Proof-Of-Concept...
Once there was a dragon who lived in a dark hole. neat huh?
One day he popped out of his hole and smelled something.
"Mmmmmmmmm! That smells good!" said the dragon.
So the dragon set off to find the source of the mysterious aroma...
He followed the smell through the woods and carefully crossed the deep forest ravine.
Until he found a little house with a pie cooling in the window sill.
The dragon has never seen anything like it. "Perhaps I should take a closer look" he thought.
He carefully sneaked over to the house. The smell was wonderful! He had to try it.
He snatched the pie and took a big dragon-sized bite!
It was crunchier than he had expected.   Especially the bottom part.
But it was sweet and fruity (even if it did have a metallic after-taste.) So he gobbled it up.
Suddenly he heard a cry from inside the house "Who took my pie?" cried a woman's voice.
The dragon ran away as fast as his feet could take him.
That night, all he could think about was the sweet, crunchy food he had eaten.