The Tortoise and the Hare

One day a hare was mak­ing fun of a tor­toise for being slow, while a the same time he bragged about his own speed.

I’ll race you,” the tor­toise said qui­et­ly.

You’ll WHAT?!” the hare laughed.

I said, I’ll race you,” the tor­toise repeat­ed.

HA! You race me? That’s a laugh!” the hare guf­fawed. “why, I’d be at the fin­ish line before you even got start­ed!”

And I bet I’ll win,” the tor­toise calm­ly con­tin­ued.

It’s a bet!” cried the hare, and the two shook hands on the wager.

They asked a fox to judge the race and set the fin­ish line, and then they were off.  With amaz­ing speed, the hare was away and round­ing the first bend before the tor­toise had tak­en even a few steps.  Soon, the hare had run so far ahead that he could no longer even see the tor­toise behind him.

Maybe I’ll just wait here until I can actu­al­ly see the fleet-foot­ed Mr. Tor­toise,” the hare chuck­led„ as he stretched in the shade of a road­side tree.  “And to think that tor­toise bet that he could beat me!”  The smirk­ing hare leaned back against the tree and closed his eyes.  “What a chump!”  Soon he was fast asleep.

Mean­while, the tor­toise kept right on steadi­ly putting one foot in front of the oth­er as he slow­ly plod­ded along.  He even plod­ded on tip­toe as he passed the tree where the hare bliss­ful­ly dozed.

The hare had no idea when, exact­ly, the tor­toise has passed him.  In fact, it was­n’t until some­time much lat­er that he final­ly woke up.  But by then it was too late.  Even­though he ran with all of his might, the hared reached the fin­ish line just in time to see the tor­toise cross it before him.

The moral of the sto­ry is, “slow and steady, wins the race!”