The Library of Congress Has Some Interesting Ebooks

The library of Con­gress has a col­lec­tion of Aosp Fables, orig­i­nal­ly illus­trat­ed by Milo Win­ter.  It’s a good ref­er­ence if you’d like to read sto­ries to your chil­dren with a sim­ple moral.

At first when I test­ed it, it did­n’t look like it worked on small screens.  But when I test­ed on my phone, I found it actu­al­ly worked fine.  Though it takes an unusu­al approach to mobile-friend­li­ness.  Instead of using a mobile view­port and make the lay­out tru­ely respon­sive, it allows the phone to scale the lay­out (like it would with a non-mobile web­site) and then bumps up the text size.  Inter­est­ing…

Something to be learned

Some­thing I thought was inter­est­ing, was they took the orig­i­nal illus­tra­tions and cut them out so they work bet­ter on a while back­ground.

For exam­ple, on the left is the orig­i­nal illus­tra­tion.  On the right is the ver­sion used in the online book ver­sion.

Admit­ted­ly, the cut-outs aren’t per­fect.  You can see a dark halo around the mice, and the can­dle­sticks were cut off a bit too aggres­sive­ly.  Still, the col­lec­tion as a whole is nice­ly done.  There are var­i­ous sub­tle ani­ma­tions used through­out the col­lec­tion as well.  They’re a nice touch too, but noth­ing to write home about.

Ide­al­ly, what I’d love to do is cre­ate orig­i­nal illus­tra­tions for some of these sto­ries so we don’t have to reply on pub­lic domain imagery.

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